The Healthy Egg (Recipe En Espanol)


Do you in some cases wake up roused to make a microwavable entrée for breakfast? Or then again does your New Year’s goals incorporate a snappy breakfast that is high in protein? On the off chance that it is the last mentioned, eggs are the ideal fixing that you have to add to your eating regimen outline. Even more, the vast majority know where the egg originates from-a chicken. Chicken makes for an extraordinary lunch (almuezo) and supper (cena); what about for breakfast? Eggs: chicken; what’s the distinction? Fortunately, morning takers will in general diminish on the confinements of making a sound breakfast (for example a speedy egg sammich and hotdog patty to go). Be that as it may, the microwave stays an effective credit to the ones in a hurry. You may loved cocinar

Supplements: Whole Egg/Egg White

Calories 70/17

Absolute Fat 5 g/0 g

Soaked Fat 1.5 g/0 g

Cholesterol 185 mg/0 mg

Protein 6 g/3.6 g

Make an Egg; Use the Microwave

As eggs are a sensitive nourishment, cooking them in the microwave is testing. In any case, creating egg plans is an engaging occasion to involve. Above all else, an egg is made out of two isolated, one of a kind parts: The egg yolk and the egg white bits; the shells are excluded from most plans (use for manure). The yolk is high in fat and protein. It additionally will in general cook quicker than the egg white part; honestly, egg whites set, while the egg yolk thickens. In this manner, there are an assortment of techniques that require accomplishing the best possible execution of delivering a satisfactory egg formula, while using the microwave.

Most-if not all-microwavable egg plans command a setting of LOW or MEDIUM. This specific strategy will guarantee that the egg doesn’t twist into a rubbery surface (overcooking the watery segments of the egg). Likewise, make certain to stop the microwave, while the egg dish is still somewhat underdone. What’s more, standard fruition incorporates a concise standing time, secured, all together for the nourishment to wrap concocting with put away warmth.

The Popular Fried Egg (Microwavable)


1 egg

Spread or margarine


  1. Handily break egg into a lubed 5-or 6-ounce custard cup.
  2. Delicately puncture the yolk with a fork.
  3. Top with spread (discretionary).
  4. Spread with plastic film.

Cooking Directions

  1. Microwave on Low for 1½ minutes; pivoting the dish following 45 seconds.
  2. Let stand, secured, for 1 moment before serving.

Tip: Cooking time is somewhat less for 2 eggs-microwave on LOW for 2½ minutes; turning dish after 1½ minutes.

========================EN ESPAÑOL=======================

La Popular huevo frito (microondas)


1 Huevo

Mantequilla o margarina


  1. Hábilmente romper huevos en un molde 5-o 6-onza natillas copa.
  2. Puncture suavemente la yema con un tenedor.
  3. Comienzo con la mantequilla (opcional).
  4. Cubrir con un film de plástico.

Cocinar las direcciones

  1. Microondas de baja durante 1 minutos; rotación de la antena después de 45 segundos.
  2. Dejar reposar por 1 minutos bets de servir.

Sugerencia: tiempo de cocción es ligera.

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