Where Are All of the Universes?


The inquiry as it is presented; you regularly discuss different universes, for example, the fantasy universe, however I am not clear since our universe appears to extend into boundlessness, where are different universes situated in connection to our own?

I have needed to address this for quite a while, however needed to slide into the clarification after you had turned out to be increasingly acquainted with a portion of different subjects that we examine here. I have said this previously, however the facts confirm that you can get along very well without knowing where your universe is found or even what it is, yet there are some of you who are more developed and request more than basic kids’ stories, and through these articles I endeavor to fulfill those requests. This material isn’t simple, and that is absolutely why more individuals are not familiar with it. A universe and all that it contains isn’t simple stuff to process, however the undertaking is advantageous and this learning over the long haul will assist you with enhancing your genuine lives and extend your mystic development.

Before we can talk about the area of universes, we should go to some concession to what really is a universe, in any event from the perspective of our discourses.

Lexicon definition; The totality of known or assumed articles and wonders all through space; the universe; world. A world or circle where something exists or wins.

The above definitions are not exactly sufficient, so I will add something to them and ideally make things more important. A universe is a stage for involvement of awareness, taking on the appearances managed by the discerning systems of the cognizance possessing that universe. A universe is accessible vitality which is used without anyone else’s input mindful awareness to build an important field of undertaking utilized for development, extension and worth satisfaction. A universe can be physically appeared or from your point of view imperceptible, it very well may be straightforward, yet in any case, to the occupants of that field, its developments have substance despite the fact that they may not be emerged similarly as yours. Every occupied universe use structures since awareness consistently looks to be referred to, and all structures are as “genuine” as your own, despite the fact that they may not be strong, unbending and have mass, and to you they might be straightforward. As it were, they exist despite the fact that you may not know about their reality.

A universe is a field of undertaking for awareness, it is additionally a measurement, a field and a plane, yet not all fields, measurements and planes are universes unto themselves, yet some might be. A plane of reality can exist where there is no planet or it can coincide with different frameworks associated with a planet.. An arrangement of the truth is a plane, a measurement and a field, and there is no restriction of fields, planes and measurements that can exist in one universe or even in one world. A few universes existing outside of different universes, in any case figure out how to cover into and influence different universes, as in the manner in which the fantasy universe influences your physical universe and your universe influences the fantasy universe. They are in significant ways subject to one another. There are different planes and fields that coincide in what you would think about a similar space as your earth, each having its very own chronicled culture, expressions, sciences, medicinal orders and most significant, its own picture developments, none of which will ever meddle with yours despite the fact that they may use precisely the same physical space.

A universe is in an undeniable manner, the production of awareness, and other keen, feasible living animals occupying that universe, watching out into space will see something altogether not quite the same as you. Your reality is yours just, and since by and large any arrangement of realty just sees its OWN sort, your universes developments won’t appear as though others developments and will most likely not be seen by others either. Obviously, the deciding element of what you will see and see of your universe relies upon your physical observations and just those with the equivalent physical preceptors ( eyes, ears, mouth, nose, fingers and other) as yours will see things equivalent to you do. A specific world or universe must be seen by the cognizant animals that make and possess it.

I realize that seems like an amazing explanation, yet similarly as you control iotas into something that you can see to shape a seat, your physical body, your personal condition, so do you structure and make your reality and universe from existing examples of accessible vitality. There are creatures inside your universe who have developed through your framework and advanced on to different frameworks, who could hypothetically speak with you and even visit with you if the event ought to emerge later on.

As the vast majority of you think, your reality has been visited by extra terrestrials commonly before, however you should not befuddle the locating of UFO’s as authentic arranged ET visits. These sightings may occur as others undeniably further developed than you, accidentally goof into your space not notwithstanding detecting the presence of your planet and its occupants. To them, your reality would not exist and the main proof that would give them a trace of your quality would be the glimmer of cognizance which over the long haul is the main genuine reality, and they would not see your cover physical developments in light of the fact that to others they don’t exist.

Give me a chance to attempt this from another tack. As a result of your physical appearance, you exist at an exact convergence of reality and you exist due to the conjunction of a wide range of fields of fact. These fields, synthetic, electromagnetic and mystic, meeting at this careful point, make the total YOU that you know and love to such an extent. To outsider species in their space vehicle, moving toward your space loaded up with your physical developments, the main thing they can see is the one genuine reality and that is awareness. They could and have flown through your earth without chancing upon it. Were it not for the production of these different stages for involvement, both physical and non-physical, to which all awareness adjusts, you would float pitifully into nothingness. What’s more, despite the fact that, to other outsider human advancements, appended to their very own frameworks that they have likewise made, your framework doesn’t exist, to you, it is the just a single you have for now, so it benefits you to make its best.

Presently, with regards to the area of these incalculable fields and measurements, you should remember that despite the fact that space has some utility for your physical direction while you possess your corporal body, it is a deception, important just to the individuals who are appeared inside it. Space is a figment, mostly delivered on yourself by your origination of time, and keeping in mind that you are here, you can’t escape it except if you experience it or decide not to encounter it in a fantasy or when you kick the bucket. At the end of the day, existence are important to you now, yet they are just a vital parameter of your framework, a hallucination, indeed, but a convenient dream for you now. In any case, in the event that we are to think about areas of fields, measurements, universes, planes and universes, we should briefly strip ourselves of the overabundance clairvoyant things of separation and space..

As you watch out into “your” space, you see planets, cloud, comets, universes, stars and other magnificent things to take a gander at, yet they are not so much what they appear, since you are just review a little part of their world as it interferes into you field of observation. Their more prominent reality exists outside of the physical framework. Don’t for a moment accept that different universes can’t exist in this equivalent space or through a similar space as your universe. There are strong universes, for example, the electrical universe that contain the “electromagnetic information data” of each physical development, occasion, history and recollections of your whole species and your reality. This electrical universe is free yet its world is interwoven with everything that is in your universe and from this coded information, should your universe vanish, it could be flawlessly modified.

To you, your planet, your earth is strong and you can’t envision whatever else existing in a similar space as your reality, however recollect, your reality is just strong to you. In an undeniable manner, life is a stupor state in which all of you take part while you are in the physical framework. Your awareness is exactly tuned to certain particular groups of electrical forces that speak to your reality and all that it contains. There is no genuine contrast between one of your physical articles, state a table that everybody sees, than a visualization of a table that no one but you can see. They are the equivalent and they are made in the very same manner, the main contrast being that only you can see your fantasized table and others can see your item table. There truly is no fundamental strength that can be found in your universe or some other. Strength involves segregating discernment, novel to the individuals who utilize certain insightful capacities. To put it plainly, on the off chance that you don’t make it, you can’t see it, and in the event that you don’t have the correct preceptors, you can’t make it as per your embraced framework.

Development and separation in space is the physical view of the clairvoyant properties of extension of the cognizant personality. Separation and space are not required for a plan to grow. A fantasy grows giving a great hallucination of existence that you can appreciate monstrously, however in your fantasies you see existence for what they truly are, a deception. Space is the presence of physical development of mystic or passionate properties. Feelings develop and extend, love develops and grows, thoughts develop and extend and none of these requires any space, neither does a universe since it originates from a similar source.

Everything in your universe is in its legitimate spot as indicated by the manner in which you are obliged to see

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