Online Life Coaching – What Is Online Coaching and How Can You Use It?

Life Coaching

A few mentors have now begun to serve their customers through different online life instructing alternatives that weren’t accessible only a couple of years back. For instance, they offer boundless access by means of email, use administrations like SKYPE to associate with little gatherings and offer video guidance en route.

This online life training approach is clearly entirely different than up close and personal instructing or telephone calls. Subsequently, it offers a vastly different encounter for the customer. Simultaneously, this methodology can permit a mentor the chance to:

arrive at more customers in less time

possibly lower their training rates to singular customers while making more salary because of an expansion in volume

Despite the fact that this is still moderately uncommon, numerous imaginative mentors are making innovation a backbone in their training practice. Be that as it may, some are basically offering on the web life training as one of their many instructing bundles.

Despite the fact that, regardless we suggest one-on-one association by means of the telephone (or voice-over IP) in our very own online tip top holistic mentor preparing and accreditation, the web can offer some critical preferences to mentors.

Strikingly enough, we weighed out these equivalent focal points when we started to consider moving our LIVE holistic mentor preparing and accreditation to an online stage.


For instance, when we moved our preparation from a live arrangement to an internet learning stage, we had the option to enable our understudies to watch the instructing again and again. So on the off chance that somebody needed to delve in more profound on a specific subject or on the off chance that they overlooked a particular methodology, they could return and survey the video over and over. That wasn’t something that was a possibility for understudies who went to a live occasion.

Similarly, a few mentors are utilizing this technique in their practices to make video accounts of a portion of their educating or as they are strolling through a particular procedure. At that point they give their customers access to the recordings while they are cooperating. Like our preparation, this enables an instructing customer to return and watch their mentor audit an idea the same number of times as they need or need to.


One of the preferences our holistic mentor preparing understudies delighted in when we moved our mentor preparing and confirmation online was that it was accessible when they needed it. So in the event that somebody needed to dive into a module after their children had headed to sleep, they could do it. Of on the off chance that they were a timely riser and they needed to survey a technique at 6 am, they could bounce on their PC and plunge into the substance.

Similarly, mentors that have begun to offer increasingly online alternatives, have additionally had the option to extend their accessibility to their customers. For instance, rather than offering set instructing calls, one fruitful relationship mentor offers 24-hour access to her customers by means of email. Another business mentor offers boundless email access between the long stretches of 9 am and 4 pm.

NOTE: This can genuinely be something that separates a mentor, yet this methodology can likewise be hard to limit. So on the off chance that you think about this as an alternative, you’ll have to choose a procedure that works best for you and your calendar.

As a side note, we don’t prescribe boundless access to our program’s alumni since it can get overwhelming to attempt to stay aware of messages coming in at extremely inconvenient times. Nonetheless, there is another alternative that can offer your customers 24-hour access to your ideas and find them solutions to their inquiries.


This alternative is giving your customers access to an online network.

For instance, when our understudies are experiencing their preparation, every module welcomes them to leave remarks, questions and recommendations for the remainder of their learning unit to peruse and participate in. Thus, a ton of extra learning can occur by the understudies sharing their thoughts. Despite everything we take part in the discussions, however we need the understudies to interface and gain from one another as well and the online network segment takes into account that.

An imaginative mentor needing to make association and offer a type of 24-hour access to their customers could fabricate a basic enrollment based online network using a stage like This would enable training customers to converse with one another and share thoughts and consolation. In addition, it would empower the mentor the help their customers through direct correspondence and access to a similarly invested network.

In conclusion, a mentor who builds up a basic yet dynamic online network inside an enrollment webpage, could likewise expand their capacity to help their customers just as give an extra stream of income for their instructing practice.

Online Life Coaching with Angie Stones

Imaginative APPROACHES

Joining new innovation and inventive ways to deal with an instructing practice can be energizing. Be that as it may, due to the consistently expanding number of alternatives, it can likewise get overpowering.

For instance, when we moved our preparation and confirmation on the web, there were boundless potential outcomes. Accordingly, it was important that we build up an arrangement. We needed to choose which alternatives we would incorporate promptly and which we were going to need to remember for future renditions of the preparation.

Thusly, we could get our center data out to the individuals who need it and do it in a sensible measure of time. At that point we had the option to develop the preparation from that point.

Accordingly, we currently have a web based learning stage that incorporates:

24-Hour access to understudies

Superior quality video and sound

Member controls in PDF group

Downloadable training apparatuses

MP3 interviews with industry specialists

Online people group

We couldn’t offer the entirety of this to begin with however once again time we’ve had the option to pursue our arrangement and fabricate a tip top holistic mentor preparing and confirmation program that is not normal for whatever else in the business.

Similarly, you can investigate a portion of the online choices that are accessible to you as a mentor and you can manufacture an arrangement that would enable you to execute them after some time.

As we wrap up this article, I’ll offer you a few inquiries that will assist you with building your arrangement.

first: Is this the correct time to attempt to join some online choices into my training practice? (You may conclude that you have to additionally build up a portion of your different bundles/expectations first.)

second: Which online alternatives are the most appealing to me?

Skype calling?

Video conferencing?

Online gathering calls?

Video educating?

Online people group/participation website?


What online alternatives appear to be the best fit for my optimal customer? (See the rundown above)

How might I overview my current/future customers on which alternatives bid to them most?

Which alternative would be the best to begin with?

Who could assist me with actualizing this?

When might I want to attempt to have a “first draft” of this alternative fully operational? (Set a date)

Those are a few things to consider as you are settling on whether to join online instruments into your very own training practice.

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